Steven Petrillo
Pretty good spot. The guy at the counter is a nice guy. Gave me tea while I waited for my takeout
Ming Yuen
I went to E Noodle Chinatown today; I really enjoyed my stay there and meeting Kevin. Kevin is an amazing person, during my time there for 2 hours numerous customers went in and out of the restaurant and he treated everyone with respect through that door. I was so impressed to see such amazing service, especially these days eating out in any restaurant. By the way they have a 2nd E noodle restaurant on Catherine Street as well. I have been to both, and the food quality was amazing. The price is reasonable, and the portions are great. I hope everyone can check this place out. The waiter there was amazing as well, all around very kind people will come back to visit there again to get food in the near future.
Willy McGee
Great neighborhood Hong Kong Style Cafe spot. Fast casual & affordable. Soup dumplings are delicious
Richard Cruz
Great food and customer service. Kevin is the man!
Ada Wu
I enjoyed their food and service every time I visit
This place is a truly gem in the lower east side. Amazing food and excellent customer service.
Woon Liu
Professional service, delicious food, 5 star ++++++++